Monday, April 29, 2013

Diesel Exhaust Fluid Open Container Pumps

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Open System containers are totes and drums that do not contain any valves to insert in the bung opening of the container. Either Colder or Micro Matic supplies such valves as per the DEF supplier. An “open system” allows for using a Pro Flow drum pump.

This “open system” container is an inexpensive option just like DEF pumps. Pro Flow Dynamics also provides a number of DEF pumps at economical prices. You can opt for anyone of them as per your needs. 

How to Maintain Purity with an “Open System” Container? 

Pro Flow Dynamics has designed a wide range of bung adapters that seal the drum pump tube in the open system container. This adapter includes many micron filters to avoid contaminants from entering into the container.

The non-contaminating, high quality and inert materials that build the pump tube can help you maintain the purity. Hence, this is a secure product to keep various things safety.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid Pump Kits

Pro Flow Dynamics stores everything that is required to pump DEF into the storage tank of your vehicle. You can also select an individual item to build your own package as per your requirements.
  • Stainless steel nozzle with an automatic shut off system for convenience 
  • Two series are available to maintain the flow
  • Special DEF rated dispensing hoses
  • Pump tube is matched to the size of container
  • Unique bung adapter that avoids the contamination
High-quality DEF pumps and other products can be found on the website of Pro Flow Dynamics.

Fuel Transfer Pumps for Businesses

Transfer pumps are important in helping businesses maintain fully fuelled machines and vehicles to operate them in an appropriate way and meet their daily operational fulfillment requirements.

If your business is dependent on vehicles and machines, the transfer pump can offer logistical challenges to regularly refuel the equipment. Small businesses accommodate the situation in the first instance and refuel whenever required at the filling station. But as the business grows it gets to the right point for evaluating the convenience and affordability of on-site and off-site refueling and storage against the suited things for business preciously.

Small and medium sizes of mobile tank solutions commonly provide an instant upgrade to economically and conveniently scale with refueling problems. With any tank storage solution, it is necessary to have the right transfer pump that can help you extract the fuel in a measurable manner. 

Fuel transfer pumps function within a temporary site space, but high standards are necessary while handling any flammable or hazardous liquid in spite of the location. They need to be assessable to monitor consumption and fuel volumes with strict measure and weights guidelines. The consumption and volumes figures are connected expenses assigned to them, necessary in ensuring regular expense reporting.

Pro Flow Dynamics offers a wide range of fuel transfer pumps to meet your requirements. Whether you require a manual drum pump to operate the moving volumes of the fuel or need a heavy duty 12 volt electric system, we supply everything to make your tasks easier and trouble-free.

Proflow Dynamics Supplier of Diesel Fuel Transfer Pumps 

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Filling up Your Car with Wrong Fuel Can be Dangerous

Many times, filling stations put wrong fuel in the car’s engine, and that can be a dangerous practice. It can even lead to a deadly accident. If you do not pay attention to what the fuel filling station workers are doing and whether they are putting petrol or diesel in your vehicle there can be a possibility that they mistakenly fill the tank with a wrong fuel.

Unfortunately, inappropriate fuel can create major problems. Diesel is also a propellant like other lubricants. Putting petrol in a diesel engine can strip out the lubricant in the vehicle and create metal components to grind altogether. It can seriously damage your diesel engine. It can also turn to a non-functional diesel engine. 

A Diesel fuel nozzle is bigger than other fuel nozzles available in the market. It does not fit properly in the petrol tank of many cars. If you accidently fill petrol in your diesel engine, make sure that you do not start the car. The main problem starts when someone starts his/her vehicle with wrong fuel. It can create a compound problem by circulating an inappropriate fuel. 

It is better to drain the wrong fuel from your diesel engine to avoid any trouble. There are many garages that can help you drain the fuel but they normally charge a lot of money. Thanks to the mobile servicing companies that provide roadside repair services; you can simply contact anyone of them for draining wrong fuel.

If your vehicle is under warranty, get in touch with the car manufacturer or deal to ask further steps. They can also help you improve the condition of your car engine so that you can drive it without any problems. 

ProFlow Dynamic Provider of Diesel Fuel Dispensing System in USA

Friday, April 26, 2013

Inadvertently Fueling Diesel with Gasoline

What is going to happen if you unknowingly fill your diesel car with gasoline? Whether you have just bought a diesel car, or you already have both gasoline and diesel vehicles, many times people fuel their diesel tank with gasoline or vice versa. Hence, it is important to be cautious to prevent any trouble and fuel your car engine properly. With the help of an appropriate diesel fuel pump nozzle, you can fill the right fuel to the diesel engine. 

Filling up with fuel is a usual task which most people perform regularly. Sometimes, they get hold of a wrong nozzle and use it to fill the tank. Unluckily, it can damage your engine and can cause other issues as well in your vehicle. It’s a good idea to let your car get drained if that happens.

It is also important to drain the vehicle by any specialized individual. Take your car to the service center for this practice. If your vehicle is still in warranty, get in touch with the car manufacturer or visit its service center.

New diesel engines can get damaged, if gasoline comes in contact with the sensitive emission control components (SCR, OxyCat and DPF). On the other hand, in old engines with a minimal touchy emission and minimum sophisticated systems, a lightly diluted mix would likely pass through with no or little detriment.

It will lead to reduced engine power with more noise and a sharp warming from emission sensors that detect something different than the pure diesel exhaust. Thus, it is necessary to take all safety steps in mind while filling fuel in your diesel engine and keep it away from gasoline. 

Types of Brass Cam Lock Couplings

Brass cam and groove couplings (cam lock couplings) can enable you to connect and disconnect your pipes and hose quickly and efficiently. They operate by opening arms of the coupler and then inserting the adaptor into the coupler. In order to make a tight join, arms are folded down into a specific position.

Pro Flow Dynamics offers various brass cam lock couplings from ½” to 6”. The company also manufacture exceptional brass cam and groove coupling. The following types of brass cam locks are available with Pro Flow Dynamics: 

Type A Adapter Brass: They are normally used with Type D Adapters.Moreover, you can use them with Type B, Type C and DC (Dust Cap) of similar sizes.

Type B Coupler Brass: They are used with Type E Adapters and can also be used with Type A, Type E and DP (Dust Plug) of similar sizes. 

Type C Coupler Brass: They are normally used with Type E Adapters and can also be used with Type A and Type E, and DP of similar sizes.  

Type D Coupler Brass: They are used with Type A Adapters and can also be used with Type E, Type F and DP of similar sizes.

Type E Adapter Brass: They are used with Type C Adapters and can also be used with Type B and Type D, and DC of similar sizes.

Type F Adapter Brass: They are used with Type B Adapters and also be used with Type C, Type D and DC of similar sizes. 

Dust Cap Brass:  They are commonly used with Type A, Type E and Type F Adaptors to lock the end of the connection.

Dust Plug Brass: They are used with Type B, Type C and Type D Adaptors to lock the end of the connection. 

ProFlow Dynamic Supplier of Camlock Couplings 

Heavy Duty 12V Fuel Transfer Pump

If you are looking for a valuable fuel transfer pump, there is no need to search any longer. Pro Flow Dynamics is pleased to provide the heavy duty 12V fuel transfer pump. It is one of the best pumps for your truck, home or farm equipment. The pump force is a high-quality unit manufactured to function without any fault with all types of fuel. 

It weights over 50lbs and is designed of cast iron for a long service life. It is a professional grade, and has a heavy duty fuel transfer pump that ensures optimum results. The pump contains an explosion-proof, 1/4 HP motor with a durable magnet. 

The suction pipe can reach to the depth of 40″ and can even be reduced for small applications. It is designed for barrel and tank mounting to provide efficient and safest transfer of heptanes, diesel, mineral spirits, gasoline and kerosene. 

  • Includes a thermal overload protector which can be attached to avoid the fuel theft
  • It has a built-in bypass valve
  • Provides high flow manual nozzle
  • The motor is housed inside diesel fuel, pumps gasoline and kerosene
  • Up to 20 Gallon per minute o the flow rate 12 feet of the hose pipe is included
  • Thermally protects the motor heavy duty cast with an iron construction

Pro Flow Dynamics offers a wide range of fuel transfer pumps depending on the needs of individuals. Check out their website to see relevant and advanced fuel transfer pumps to work on without any problem. 

Friday, April 19, 2013

Magnetic Flow Meters: A Reliable Replacement for the Mechanical Meter

Magnetic flow meters are somewhat similar to traditional flow meters such as the turbine flow meter, positive-displacement and Differential Pressure (DP). But unlike magnetic meters, DP meters and orifice-plate meters, they do not have a main element to wear and degrade the measurement accuracy.

The constriction in the flow stream can lead to pressure loss that can be very expensive. Magnetic flow meters do not have moving parts, unlike turbine flow meters and positive displacement flow meters. This reduces a source of wear and unreliability. Due to such reasons, magnetic flow meters are known as displacing traditional technology flow meters for a few applications.

While the market of magnetic flow meters is stable, there are many new products developed by several companies that make their market grow at rapid pace. A recent development in two-wire magnetic flow meters made such types of meters popular amongst people. Some other devices which have power are the basic power source for such two-wire magnetic meters.

Two-wire meters are cheaper than other advanced meters. Hence, they are becoming more and more popular amongst users as they easily provide the same efficiency at a minimal cost. The ever-growing market for DC magnetic flow meters plays an important role in its popularity. High-strength DC meters are effective enough for handling noise and it is a big reason why people are shifting from AC to DC meters.

Most of the flow meter suppliers are enhancing the accuracy levels of their mag flow meters. The improved flow meters also provide reliable results ensuring the specific needs of users. 

ProFlow Dynamic Having Wide Range of Flow Meters

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Camlock Couplings and Fittings Brass, Stainless steel, Polypropylene

Leakage of tank tubing or hose pipes is a common problem that people face in their day-to-day lives. If there is any leakage, it will lead to loss of liquid but if it includes pipeline transporting chemicals, vapors or any material flowing using anyone of them, it can lead to severe damages.

In order to overcome this problem, you need to get the pipelines connected and coupled properly. The couplings are offered by the use of groove & cam lock fittings. They are designed from many types of materials and available in different brands in the market to choose from.

Different Types of Cam Lock Couplings: 

Cam lock fittings are offered in a number of materials such as polypropylene, aluminum, steel and brass. They can be found in various sizes ranging from ½ inch to 6 inches, which can be used as per your specific needs. 

Brass groove and cam couplings: Brass camlock couplings are made of brass and they are sand casted. These can be found in different sizes ranging from ½ inch to 3 inches.

Stainless steel cam and groove locking: Such couplings are popular for the precision casting or lost was processes.

Aluminum cam lock fittings: They are available in a wide variety of camlock fittings which are permanent mold cast. They stay consistent because of the high strength from those which are made from die casting and sand varieties. 

Polypropylene couplings: This camlock fitting is made of using 20% glass reinforced polypropylene which is commonly acid resistant in nature. They polypropylene coupling can withstand a temperature of around 1600 F. 

ProFlow Dynamic Camlock Couplings and Fittings Detail

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Types of Aluminum Camlock Couplings and Fittings

Aluminum camlock couplings enable you to connect and disconnect the hose quickly and efficiently. They are lightweight couplings which operate by opening the coupler arms and putting in the adaptor into the coupler. There are arms which fold down into the position to make a tight fit.

Pro Flow Dynamics provides different types of Aluminum Camlock Couplings and Fittings from ½” to 6” inches. Its Aluminum Camlock Couplings are available with Aluminum handles that are brass colored.

Here are some types of aluminium camlock couplings available at Pro Flow Dynamics: 

Type A Adapter Aluminum: This type of coupler is used with Type D couplers. Moreover, it can also be used with Type B and C Couplers or with DC (Dust Cap) of the similar size. 

Type B Coupler Aluminum: This coupler is commonly used with Type F adapters. Additionally, it can be used with Type A and Type E Adapters or with DP (Dust Plug) of the similar size.

Type C Coupler Aluminum: The coupler is normally used with Type E Adapters. It can also be used with Type A and Type F Adapters or with DP (Dust Plug) of the similar size.

Type D Coupler Aluminum: This coupler is normally used with Type A Adapters. However, it can also be used with Type E and Type F Adapters or with DP (Dust Plug of the similar size.

Type E Adapter Aluminum: This is commonly used with Type C Couplers, however can also be used with other couplers like Type B and Type D.

Type F Adapter Aluminum: The coupler is commonly used with Type B couplers and can be used with Type C and Type D couplers as well.

ProFlow Dynamics Supplier of Camlock Coupling and Fitting

Friday, April 12, 2013

Using Fuel Management and Monitoring System

Fuel management systems are used for monitoring, controlling and maintaining fuel consumption for any industry that employs transport including water and air, road and rail as a means of business. The system is designed to successfully measure and handle the use of fuel within construction and transportation industries.

It is normally used for fleets of motor vehicles including aircraft and railway vehicles that require fuel to operate. It uses a number of technologies for monitoring and tracking of fuel inventories, fuel dispensed and fuel purchases. Then, the information can be stored in reports and computerized systems to give details of management practices.

Online fuel management is allowed through the use of web entries that give details of fueling data commonly with regard to the backside of an automated fuel management system. This allows cost analysis, tax accounting and consumption control for fuel purchases. It can be installed easily in any industry for transportation purposes, ensuring the demand of advanced technologies.

There are various kinds of fuel management systems available in the market to choose from. Card-based fuel management systems commonly track fuel transactions depending on a fueling credit card and connected driver PIN. Then, reports can be created based on fuel consumption by data and the driver, which is downloadable directly via the internet.

The onsite fuel management system can be used for bulk fuel tanks or fleet fueling services at the particular site. The fuel is measured as it is pumped into different vehicles. Moreover, it is also possible to measure the onsite storage levels. 

ProFlow Dynamics Supplier of Diesel Fuel Dispensing System

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Function of Quick Release Cam Lock Couplings

A quick release cam lock coupling is a device that is used for quick, easy and leak proof connections and disconnections of carrying fluids and flexible pipes. There are cam lock couplings for quick release that work on an easy push and pull principle. When the adaptor is pushed into the coupler, this is where the self-locking arrangements come into play and results in a leak proof connection.

This way, it simultaneously opens the valve and the flow of fluid starts. In order to disconnect, you need to pull the sleeve of the cam lock coupler and then the adaptor will eject out and valve get shut off automatically. This process is essential to function smoothly and get the best outcome.

Reasons to choose cam lock couplings-

Safe: It offers safety by an automatic shut off that is important for stopping spillages and leakages of hazardous fluids. A suitable quick release cam lock coupling can prevent a number of risks involved with handling.

Affordable: Zero leakage saves essential chemicals and compresses air. Fast changeover reduces the down time. Moreover, it can be used to save the piping cost. It is also possible to twist the pipe automatically and accurately. Make sure to eliminate the frequent pipe changes because of shortening of length.

Efficient: Quick release cam lock coupling is easy to use. There is no difficulty in its operation and you can use it effortlessly.

Applications: Keeping in mind the benefits, quick release cam locks are used in a number of industries and available in a wide range of applications. The cam lock coupling is used in industries such as textile, engineering, refrigeration, automobile, furnace, machine tools, boiler, chemicals, petroleum, refineries, sintering, fertilizer, cement paint, pharmaceutical, etc. and for leak proof handling of compressed air, liquids and powders, water, gases, oil, vacuum and chemicals. 

ProFlow Dynamic- Have Wide Range of Camlock Coupling and Fittings

Overview of a Clamp on Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Role of Transducer

A transducer method/system is used for the ultra-sonic measurement of flow velocity of the fluid in any hose pipe. There are two transducers attached on both the sides of pipe. Both transducers receive and transmit ultrasonic pulses with their particular center axes deviated upstream from an imaginary line that connect transducers.

Clamp on Ultrasonic Flow Meter

The clamp on ultrasonic flow meter contains a combination of ultrasonic transmitting-receiving devices. All devices are composed of an ultrasonic circulating component of wedge, containing a slanting surface and a bottom surface extending from one bottom edge at an acute angle. The ultrasonic propagating element is designed of plural high modulus fibers which are aligned in a parallel way in resinous material, in which propagating ultrasonic wave produced through ultrasonic transducer to the bottom surface.

Clamp on ultrasonic flow meters are joined to the outer surface of a hose pipe where the fluid flows to determine the outside of a pipe volume of fluid moving inside the hose pipe. Clamp on ultrasonic flow meters are normally determined in two forms. The first one is utilized differently to propagating rates and the second is to Doppler Effect.

In the mode of employing diverse propagating rates, a couple of ultrasonic waves are used in a condition in which an ultrasonic wave is propagated downstream to the cross steam of fluid. The specific time for propagating the downstream ultrasonic wave is between predetermined distance and time for propagating upstream ultrasonic wave. There are various collections of clamp on ultrasonic flow meters available in the market to choose from and you can pick the best one as per your needs by examining the available options thoroughly at Pro Flow Dynamics. 

Pro Flow Dynamics - Flow Meters Supplier USA 

Overview of an Oval Gear Flow Meter

An oval gear meter is a product used for delivery measurement and control, and is used in the distribution of low, medium or high viscosity of liquids. Those liquids include lubrication oil, fuel, and other fluids which are compatible with construction related materials. An oval gear measuring principle acquired provides low pressure and high precision losses collectively. Moreover, it has a compact lightweight design which can be installed easily.

There is an electronic card containing a microprocessor, which allows calibration of the flow meter and control of its display. A wide range of models of oval gear flow meters can be found in the market meeting specific flow rate requirements. You can opt for the right one depending on your needs and make the right decision for the flow meter.

Independent battery power supply, compactness and easy-to-use features make it an appropriate product for installing both stationary systems on distribution and fluid transfer lines. Additionally, it is extensively used in mobile applications as a type of accessory for guns and delivery valves, and for other industrial applications in which fluid delivery control is required.

This meter employs two or more oblong gears which are configured for rotating at different angles, creating a T shape. An oval gear meter has two sides known as A and B. There isn’t any fluid that transits the center of this flow, in which the teeth of both the gears mesh.

There are some special oval gear meters for anti-freeze, wiper fluid and brake fluid applications. If you want a suitable product, you can get in touch with Pro Flow Dynamics - a reliable source for several inventory management systems. 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

How Camlock Couplings and Fittings Useful for Industries

These days, you may have noticed that to make a container tightly packed, industries use cam lock coupling and fittings in order to do so. Such couplings are used in a wide range of processes such as in transportation of dry products or liquid. These are commonly available in standard size which is between 1 – 6 inches.

Cam lock coupling and fittings are made of different materials such as nylon, brass, polypropylene, aluminum, ductile iron, stainless steel, and other thermoplastic materials. Aluminum cam lock coupling and fittings also have alloys. Cam lock couplings are used for handling different things including rail car unloading, chemical, petroleum, water and agriculture, and dry bulk handling.

The couplings are beneficial because of their easy and quick connect design. Different types of cam lock couplings are available in the market such as:

Brass Couplings: You can find quality fittings of brass in the market. These can work under 3 bar working temperature which range from 30 to 60.

Stainless Steel Cam Lock Coupling: This fitting is made of cast iron, stainless steel, nylon and aluminum brass. Its various sizes are available which range from ½'' to 8".

Cam Lock Coupling Type B: A wide range of type B cam lock fittings are used in most of the chemical and petrochemical industries. Several other industries in which this coupling is used include power plants, fertilizers, steel plants and atomic energy. These are available in a size range from 1/2" to 6". 

Why Buyers Choose 12v Fuel Transfer Pumps

12v fuel transfer pumps are the PIUSI brand recognized products available at exceptional prices. These can be found easily in the market with a little search. These pumps are suitable for handling gas and diesel oil at transfer speeds up to 50 liters per minute. 

This 12v pump can be used on bowsers and remote tanks in which power supply is required for the proper functionality of vehicles. It can be found in a reduced flow rate of 30 liter per min. The 12v fuel transfer pump can be operated with a twin voltage 12/24v motor.

The 12v fuel transfer pump is commonly used to transfer different kinds of fuel. These are designed with the purpose of distributing diesel for non-commercial purposes. There are various companies involved in manufacturing different types of pumps for transferring fuel wherein some are particularly for transferring a specific kind of fuel.

Benefits of 12v Fuel Transfer Pumps:

  • Different options for mounting
  •  A fully enclosed fuel dispenser
  • 4m and ¾ inch delivery hose
  •  IP 55 Internal motor with a protection grade
  • Flow rate of 56 liters/min
  • Available in options of 230v/ 12v/ 24v
  • On/off switch which is controlled by the nozzle
  •  Incorporated bypass valve
  •  Flow meter with 3 digits
  •  Automatic nozzle for fitting and adjustment

The most commonly used 12v fuel transfer pump is the diesel transfer pump. It allows safe and fast refueling of vehicles with extra options for measuring and recording of the transferred quantities. The fuel transfer pump is made of quality aluminum, brass and steel. 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Types of Gas Flow Meters

Gas flow meters are used for measuring the amount of gas flowing through a systematic way. They are properly connected to a tank, pipe as gas flows through the hose pipe into the tank. Such meters accurately take measurements in various ways. These days, there are plenty of gas flow meters used extensively in a number of practices.

They are normally used in industrial processing facilities which require keeping the track of gas flow. Sometimes, they are used in homes for measuring the flow of heating gas. In case you use propane for heating your home, a gas flow meter can be installed onto the gas pipe that runs to your home.

Turbine Flow Meter

A turbine flow meter functions by measuring the velocity for transferring gas. The flow meter is positioned inside the pipeline. The time gas flows by its turbines, it leads them to spin. The rate of speed of these turbines is translated into the measurement of gas flow by an automatic counter. 

Diaphragm Gas Flow Meter

This is a commonly used gas flow meter that is the diaphragm meter. It uses a set of diaphragms which moves in a vertical or horizontal orientation. The gas flows into the chamber and move out again.

Rotary Gas Flow Meter

This meter uses propellers to transfer gas. Such propellers spin in an opposite direction. A specific amount of gas can be transferred with each rotation. Propellers are connected to the shaft which is connected to a mechanical counting mechanism. In most of the rotary flow meters, the counter translates every shaft rotation into a number corresponding to the specific amount of gas flow for all rotations.

ProFlow Dynamic, LLC Having Wide Range of Flow Meter