Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cam Lock Coupling Product Description


Many useful industrial cam and groove couplings are available in the market; both attachable and built-in. These are designed to meet specific requirements. Selecting the right coupling can provide you the best efficiency and safe environment to work on. Here are some cam lock and groove coupling product specifications to choose the suitable one as per your requirements:

Swage: The fitting consists of a stem and ferrule swaged to the hose. It is externally swaged for better holding.



Internal Expansion:It also consists of stem and ferruleinternallythat is expanded to the hose. Its stem is internally expanded forbetter holding. 


Rota-Lok: It normally ends with either Split Ring Flanges or Full Floating Flanges.


B.I.R.F. / Duck and Rubber: It is a built-in rubber flange which also called as Duck and Rubber flange. 


Modified B.I.R.F: A quality design of Duck and Rubber Flange. The hose tube expands through nipple, offering a complete flow unrestricted transition area.  


Built-in Nipple: The hose is designed around nipple and vulcanized for better holding available in grooved end styles, flanged or threaded. 


Re-Attachable: A three-piece couplingis mechanically attached to the hose for better holding. It’s one of the main benefits is that it can also be re-used. 



Expansion Ring Couplings: These are available in two styles: rocker lug and pin lug. Couplings are attached to the hose through an expansion ring.

Apart from these, there are some other cam lock and groove coupling parts and productsthat you can consider such as 90° coupler with Check Valve, Adapter Cap, Spool Coupler, Vapor-Recovery System Parts, Hose Barb Fittings and Coupler/Adapter with Relief Nipple.

Pro Flow Dynamics Provider of Camlock Fittings and Diesel Transfer Pumps 


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