Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Camlocks and Cam and Groove Fittings General Introduction

Camlocks are used to quickly connect or disconnect pipes or hose fittings on industrial containers. Cam lock couplings are also known as cam and groove fittings. These can be used in various drum and tote applications for transportation and storage of dry and liquid products.

Cam and groove couplings are available in a number of materials. However, these are usually made of polypropylene and stainless steel in the tote and steel drum industry. Cam lock fittings are also known as cam and groove because they contain a female cam, a male grooved connector, and coupling to form a firm seal.

Such cam and groove couplings can be used with diverse containers, tanks and totes holding various materials. Cam lock fittings are a good choice for applications in low pressure fluid handling. These are connected rapidly yet conveniently by putting in the grooved coupling into the cam coupling and closing the cam lock arms.

The best is to connect two different hoses or pipes together to prevent any leakage. Safety pins can also protect cam lock arms from disconnection while using. Cam lock contains a cap which closes the drum or tote hole when not coupled with a pipe. 

Sizing of Cam Lock Couplings 

These are available in a broad range of styles and sizes. Cam and groove fittings are popular in various industries. Standard sizes for cam & groove couplings are 3/4" up to 6". Most intermediate bulk containers usually have 2” pipe. Hence, the 2” diameter cam and groove is simple to purchase. Generally, cam lock fittings on a tote or tank will be 4”. It is necessary to have an appropriate size of adaptor to run a 2” feeder line appropriately. 

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