Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Types of Gas Flow Meters

Gas flow meters are used for measuring the amount of gas flowing through a systematic way. They are properly connected to a tank, pipe as gas flows through the hose pipe into the tank. Such meters accurately take measurements in various ways. These days, there are plenty of gas flow meters used extensively in a number of practices.

They are normally used in industrial processing facilities which require keeping the track of gas flow. Sometimes, they are used in homes for measuring the flow of heating gas. In case you use propane for heating your home, a gas flow meter can be installed onto the gas pipe that runs to your home.

Turbine Flow Meter

A turbine flow meter functions by measuring the velocity for transferring gas. The flow meter is positioned inside the pipeline. The time gas flows by its turbines, it leads them to spin. The rate of speed of these turbines is translated into the measurement of gas flow by an automatic counter. 

Diaphragm Gas Flow Meter

This is a commonly used gas flow meter that is the diaphragm meter. It uses a set of diaphragms which moves in a vertical or horizontal orientation. The gas flows into the chamber and move out again.

Rotary Gas Flow Meter

This meter uses propellers to transfer gas. Such propellers spin in an opposite direction. A specific amount of gas can be transferred with each rotation. Propellers are connected to the shaft which is connected to a mechanical counting mechanism. In most of the rotary flow meters, the counter translates every shaft rotation into a number corresponding to the specific amount of gas flow for all rotations.

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