Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Why Buyers Choose 12v Fuel Transfer Pumps

12v fuel transfer pumps are the PIUSI brand recognized products available at exceptional prices. These can be found easily in the market with a little search. These pumps are suitable for handling gas and diesel oil at transfer speeds up to 50 liters per minute. 

This 12v pump can be used on bowsers and remote tanks in which power supply is required for the proper functionality of vehicles. It can be found in a reduced flow rate of 30 liter per min. The 12v fuel transfer pump can be operated with a twin voltage 12/24v motor.

The 12v fuel transfer pump is commonly used to transfer different kinds of fuel. These are designed with the purpose of distributing diesel for non-commercial purposes. There are various companies involved in manufacturing different types of pumps for transferring fuel wherein some are particularly for transferring a specific kind of fuel.

Benefits of 12v Fuel Transfer Pumps:

  • Different options for mounting
  •  A fully enclosed fuel dispenser
  • 4m and ¾ inch delivery hose
  •  IP 55 Internal motor with a protection grade
  • Flow rate of 56 liters/min
  • Available in options of 230v/ 12v/ 24v
  • On/off switch which is controlled by the nozzle
  •  Incorporated bypass valve
  •  Flow meter with 3 digits
  •  Automatic nozzle for fitting and adjustment

The most commonly used 12v fuel transfer pump is the diesel transfer pump. It allows safe and fast refueling of vehicles with extra options for measuring and recording of the transferred quantities. The fuel transfer pump is made of quality aluminum, brass and steel. 

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