Friday, January 11, 2013

How Cam Lock Couplings Is Beneficial for Industries


These days, most industries use cam lock couplings to tightly pack containers. It is also known as groove and cam couplings. Such couplings are widely used for transportation of dry or liquid products. Cam lock couplings can also be used in a fuel transfer pump to transfer fuel without any stoppage.

The standard size of cam lock couplings are ¾ inch to 6 inches. Different materials are used to manufacture it such as nylon, brass, polypropylene, aluminum, ductile iron, stainless steel and thermoplastic materials. You can use cam lock couplings for handling various things such water, petroleum, rail car unloading, chemical and dry bulk handling. Due to its easy connection design, it offers a number of benefits. Therefore, most industries purchase the cam lock couplings for easy and quick connection.

Here are some popular cam lock couplings: 

   Quick Release Coupler
You can buy the right quick release coupler as per your specific requirements and certain specifications. It is commonly used for hydraulic systems, compressed air line and liquid transfer. 

·     Stainless Steel Cam Lock Coupling
It is made of cast iron, stainless steel, nylon and aluminum brass. Its range varies from ½ to 8 inches. 

·         Cam Lock Coupling Type B: It is used mostly in chemical and petrochemical industries. There are some other industries wherein it is extensively used like steel plants, fertilizers, power plants and atomic energy.


           Polypropylene Cam Lock Coupling: Its various specifications and sizes are available in the market. Moreover, it can be customized as per your specific requirements.


   Brass couplings: Good quality of brass coupling is easily available in the market with a number of manufacturers. It can work under the pressure of six bars with temperature ranging from 30 to 60.

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