Friday, February 8, 2013

Standards of Cam & Groove Couplings

Cam and groove couplings are also known as cam lock fittings, and are used for hose connections to prevent leakages. These couplings are popular because of their easy usage and affordability to reconnect and disconnect. These can be used in systems in which rapid filing of chemical drums happen.

Cam and groove couplings also have some standards for diverse purposes.Here are some of those standards:

Federal Mil A-A-59326A 

This standard for cam and groove couplings is based on the US Military Specification Mil-C-27487.It specifies the inspection procedures, casting methods,pressure ratings, dimensions, materials and tolerances.In 1998, the specification of Mil-C-27487 was changed by Federal Military standard: A-A-59326A.This new standard guarantees the interchangeability of couplings which are designed to the similar specification. 

EN 14420-7 

This European standard was permitted by CEN in 2004. It was also used to cam and groove couplings designed to American“military specification” MIL-C-27487 / A-A-59326A.The US standard does not employ the connection side, instead the coupling side. Some other parts such as seals, levers, rings and boltsare not standardized.

DIN 2828 

Original MIL-C-27487 can be interchangeable to DIN 2828 standard. However, DIN 2828 varies in terms of hose tail part number, design etc.

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