Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Function of Quick Release Cam Lock Couplings

A quick release cam lock coupling is a device that is used for quick, easy and leak proof connections and disconnections of carrying fluids and flexible pipes. There are cam lock couplings for quick release that work on an easy push and pull principle. When the adaptor is pushed into the coupler, this is where the self-locking arrangements come into play and results in a leak proof connection.

This way, it simultaneously opens the valve and the flow of fluid starts. In order to disconnect, you need to pull the sleeve of the cam lock coupler and then the adaptor will eject out and valve get shut off automatically. This process is essential to function smoothly and get the best outcome.

Reasons to choose cam lock couplings-

Safe: It offers safety by an automatic shut off that is important for stopping spillages and leakages of hazardous fluids. A suitable quick release cam lock coupling can prevent a number of risks involved with handling.

Affordable: Zero leakage saves essential chemicals and compresses air. Fast changeover reduces the down time. Moreover, it can be used to save the piping cost. It is also possible to twist the pipe automatically and accurately. Make sure to eliminate the frequent pipe changes because of shortening of length.

Efficient: Quick release cam lock coupling is easy to use. There is no difficulty in its operation and you can use it effortlessly.

Applications: Keeping in mind the benefits, quick release cam locks are used in a number of industries and available in a wide range of applications. The cam lock coupling is used in industries such as textile, engineering, refrigeration, automobile, furnace, machine tools, boiler, chemicals, petroleum, refineries, sintering, fertilizer, cement paint, pharmaceutical, etc. and for leak proof handling of compressed air, liquids and powders, water, gases, oil, vacuum and chemicals. 

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