Friday, April 19, 2013

Magnetic Flow Meters: A Reliable Replacement for the Mechanical Meter

Magnetic flow meters are somewhat similar to traditional flow meters such as the turbine flow meter, positive-displacement and Differential Pressure (DP). But unlike magnetic meters, DP meters and orifice-plate meters, they do not have a main element to wear and degrade the measurement accuracy.

The constriction in the flow stream can lead to pressure loss that can be very expensive. Magnetic flow meters do not have moving parts, unlike turbine flow meters and positive displacement flow meters. This reduces a source of wear and unreliability. Due to such reasons, magnetic flow meters are known as displacing traditional technology flow meters for a few applications.

While the market of magnetic flow meters is stable, there are many new products developed by several companies that make their market grow at rapid pace. A recent development in two-wire magnetic flow meters made such types of meters popular amongst people. Some other devices which have power are the basic power source for such two-wire magnetic meters.

Two-wire meters are cheaper than other advanced meters. Hence, they are becoming more and more popular amongst users as they easily provide the same efficiency at a minimal cost. The ever-growing market for DC magnetic flow meters plays an important role in its popularity. High-strength DC meters are effective enough for handling noise and it is a big reason why people are shifting from AC to DC meters.

Most of the flow meter suppliers are enhancing the accuracy levels of their mag flow meters. The improved flow meters also provide reliable results ensuring the specific needs of users. 

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