Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Overview of an Oval Gear Flow Meter

An oval gear meter is a product used for delivery measurement and control, and is used in the distribution of low, medium or high viscosity of liquids. Those liquids include lubrication oil, fuel, and other fluids which are compatible with construction related materials. An oval gear measuring principle acquired provides low pressure and high precision losses collectively. Moreover, it has a compact lightweight design which can be installed easily.

There is an electronic card containing a microprocessor, which allows calibration of the flow meter and control of its display. A wide range of models of oval gear flow meters can be found in the market meeting specific flow rate requirements. You can opt for the right one depending on your needs and make the right decision for the flow meter.

Independent battery power supply, compactness and easy-to-use features make it an appropriate product for installing both stationary systems on distribution and fluid transfer lines. Additionally, it is extensively used in mobile applications as a type of accessory for guns and delivery valves, and for other industrial applications in which fluid delivery control is required.

This meter employs two or more oblong gears which are configured for rotating at different angles, creating a T shape. An oval gear meter has two sides known as A and B. There isn’t any fluid that transits the center of this flow, in which the teeth of both the gears mesh.

There are some special oval gear meters for anti-freeze, wiper fluid and brake fluid applications. If you want a suitable product, you can get in touch with Pro Flow Dynamics - a reliable source for several inventory management systems. 

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