Saturday, April 27, 2013

Filling up Your Car with Wrong Fuel Can be Dangerous

Many times, filling stations put wrong fuel in the car’s engine, and that can be a dangerous practice. It can even lead to a deadly accident. If you do not pay attention to what the fuel filling station workers are doing and whether they are putting petrol or diesel in your vehicle there can be a possibility that they mistakenly fill the tank with a wrong fuel.

Unfortunately, inappropriate fuel can create major problems. Diesel is also a propellant like other lubricants. Putting petrol in a diesel engine can strip out the lubricant in the vehicle and create metal components to grind altogether. It can seriously damage your diesel engine. It can also turn to a non-functional diesel engine. 

A Diesel fuel nozzle is bigger than other fuel nozzles available in the market. It does not fit properly in the petrol tank of many cars. If you accidently fill petrol in your diesel engine, make sure that you do not start the car. The main problem starts when someone starts his/her vehicle with wrong fuel. It can create a compound problem by circulating an inappropriate fuel. 

It is better to drain the wrong fuel from your diesel engine to avoid any trouble. There are many garages that can help you drain the fuel but they normally charge a lot of money. Thanks to the mobile servicing companies that provide roadside repair services; you can simply contact anyone of them for draining wrong fuel.

If your vehicle is under warranty, get in touch with the car manufacturer or deal to ask further steps. They can also help you improve the condition of your car engine so that you can drive it without any problems. 

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