Friday, April 26, 2013

Inadvertently Fueling Diesel with Gasoline

What is going to happen if you unknowingly fill your diesel car with gasoline? Whether you have just bought a diesel car, or you already have both gasoline and diesel vehicles, many times people fuel their diesel tank with gasoline or vice versa. Hence, it is important to be cautious to prevent any trouble and fuel your car engine properly. With the help of an appropriate diesel fuel pump nozzle, you can fill the right fuel to the diesel engine. 

Filling up with fuel is a usual task which most people perform regularly. Sometimes, they get hold of a wrong nozzle and use it to fill the tank. Unluckily, it can damage your engine and can cause other issues as well in your vehicle. It’s a good idea to let your car get drained if that happens.

It is also important to drain the vehicle by any specialized individual. Take your car to the service center for this practice. If your vehicle is still in warranty, get in touch with the car manufacturer or visit its service center.

New diesel engines can get damaged, if gasoline comes in contact with the sensitive emission control components (SCR, OxyCat and DPF). On the other hand, in old engines with a minimal touchy emission and minimum sophisticated systems, a lightly diluted mix would likely pass through with no or little detriment.

It will lead to reduced engine power with more noise and a sharp warming from emission sensors that detect something different than the pure diesel exhaust. Thus, it is necessary to take all safety steps in mind while filling fuel in your diesel engine and keep it away from gasoline. 


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